Nature is beautiful: Learn to look and see what it tells us.
Soon you will discover something even more beautiful.

A stay for all senses. Living like home.
Joyful living is a matter of the heart.

Nice scents. Light-flooded atmosphere and a heartfelt welcome. Sounds like home. At home in our splendid Appartement Zuckerhütl. A holiday house with heaps of favorite spots for us and especially for you - dear guests.

How it all began and how it will still improve in 2017

Step by step I have created what has always been my dearest wish. Building a wonderful home where people feel at ease in a sustainable way, without capitalizing at short sight. For me, sustainability doesn't only mean eco-friendliness but involves also social and economic features. Carefully selected nature materials, best possible energy supply by using already existing equipment, surroundings and infrastructures assure an optimum value chain. Building materials have been chosen with love to the details, then processed and crafted professionally. I focused on excellent technical durability, maintenance and preservation of all materials, by centering on renaturation and recycling whenever possible.

Nature is of utmost importance. Nature deserves respect.

All construction materials have a long tradition in the Alpine region as they have been used over many centuries: heat insulation made of sheep wool, lime plaster, natural stone floors, larch wood floors and lovely rooms furnished with the "king of Alpine timber" - stone pine wood. Stone pines are deeply rooted in tradition and have been used over many centuries in the Alpine area. We appreciate its wonderful scent. Additionally, it is said to have many positive effects on your health and the entire organism by promising also a good night's sleep.

Down to earth lifestyle, exploring dreamlike nature with all senses. Let your thoughts wander, soak up the sun either on lush green meadows or snow-white slopes. Strolling around, whiling away a fabulous day. Homely living room, cozy sofa, enough time for reading books or newspapers, playing board games with family and friends. Awe-inspiring views of Nederkogel peak or endless ski trails and slopes just on your doorstep. Take a look at the trail maps and excursion sites. Plan your day amid picture-book nature ideal to wind down. Memories that will stay with you forever. Perfect rest after a good night's sleep. Healthy activities in the outdoors plus many more unique highlights. I am convinced that you will love it, looking forward to welcoming you!

Heartfelt greetings,
Your host - Gritsch Susanne