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Teäre Line Flow Trail in Sölden

A six kilometer long single trail offers biking fun at its very best between the middle station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola and the village. The idea behind was to install an almost endless pump track (6 km) for all ages and skill levels! The unique trail features incredible 130 turns and bends – but offers much more flow than other single trails of this kind. Safety is of upmost importance when it comes to downhill biking.

The mountain biker's perfect flow is not easy to explain. A superb combination of the right feeling for the track and elegance, without braking too much when conquering the steep hairpin bends and turns. Standing centrally on the bike is essential. A good physical shape and great sense of balance are absolutely required. Excellent sportsmen seem to dance on their bike. This trail at the heart of Sölden follows the Flow Country principle: moderate gradient but many turns and waves. Skilled bikers will find the most elegant way easily. Less experienced ones can improve their skills thanks to Sölden's perfect biking conditions.

Teäre Line Flow Trail